What does “made from recycled materials” really mean?

Made with you in mind is not just our catchy slogan, it’s how we approach each and everything we do. Sure, we want to design and deliver tailored solutions that perfectly fit your needs but, we also want to make sure we are reducing our footprint and protecting Mother Earth in the process. Internally we have a “1:1” initiative that drives our brand to consider – “Is there a more responsible way to do this?”

We were one of the first few tech accessories companies to create a compostable line of cases by creating Organicore. Throughout the last year we took the time to look further down the road and challenged ourselves to make a greater impact across our entire line. We are proud to announce that our latest collection of cases are made from recycled materials.

When it comes to sustainability we believe that transparency is the best possible practice. We aren’t here to guilt you into never carrying a water bottle again, or forcing you to enjoy a cold coffee sans lid each morning. We believe this is a communal effort – So everyone can do their part. Our aim is to keep more responsible practices top of mind for our company, and for each one of us throughout our day. In this interest we wanted to share the material makeup to each of our cases :

You may be wondering, “Why are there various percentages of material content?” Here are some details on how we got here. Over the last few years we have been working with Eastman to integrate a special material they have created, “Tritan Renew.” We looked far and wide to find an eco-friendly material that came from safe origins while also matching the quality and protection our customers have come to expect from Incipio.

Tritan Renew is made through Eastman’s Advanced Circular Recycling technologies — also known as molecular recycling — which break down plastic waste into fundamental building blocks to be used to create pristine new material. By replacing traditional fossil feedstocks with plastic waste, the company is helping to divert plastic from landfills, incinerators, or ending up as litter in the ocean.

Now, back to our cases. In order to deliver the quality you deserve, we have specially concocted the perfect mix of materials. Most of our cases feature a substantial amount of recycled material, however we also have special cases such as our time-tested (and proven) two-piece Duo case. Duo has always been naturally eco-friendly as the case is not bound by heat or another catalyst, keeping the material content clean and possessing the ability to be directly recycled into the same materials and born again.

Okay, we know what you are thinking… “This all sounds great but how do you know what people are going to do with their case post-use?!” The answer… we don’t. However, we are also launching a post-use recycling program for your cases. The bottom line here, after you purchase a new Incipio case visit our site and you can mail your old case back for free! (Yes you read that right.) Click here to learn more about the recycling program.

Through our partnership with Close the Loop we are now able to take back your old case (at no charge to you) and molecularly recycle it in the same way our Tritan Renew material now found in our cases is recycled. Wait, is that a lightbulb going off?! Are you thinking the same thing we are… Stay tuned as we will continue to push for the innovation and sustainability you deserve. .

Made with you in mind… Protecting our planet and your phone.