Samsung Unpacked what?

In case you missed it, Samsung announced their new Galaxy S22 series yesterday. Overall, it’s out of this world and, as far as products go, they also dropped the new Tablet S8 series, and Galaxy Watch 4. To top it off, you can even store crypto in your wallet now. 🤑

Key dates to look out for:

  • 2/ 9 Pre-order: Pre-order started yesterday and devices start arriving 2/25
  • 2/25 Availability: If you aren’t into pre-orders, sit tight. Devices start shipping on demand 2/25. ,

What’s new about the S22 Series:

  • Galaxy for the Planet – 100% of all new products will be made with ocean-reclaimed plastics (the first to use repurposed fishing nets plastics) and shipped with 100% recycled paper packaging. There’s also a UN partnership here......
  • They are highly focused on camera features and specs
  • It’s all about content creation, the camera, processing technology, and partnerships (think: Snapchat)
  • AI Stereo depth map on portrait mode (new)
  • Brighter screen, better heat transfer
  • Nightography
  • Expert Raw app integration

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Samsung Tab S8

  • Dual camera – Look better in video chats with an ultra-wide lens Partnered with Google
  • S-pen – Reduced latency by 30%. The pen guides more smoothly and is now integrated with MS One Note and Outlook
  • Turn your phone into a palette – visual experience
  • Let your tablet be your canvas and your S pen be your brush S8 Ultra – 1 TB storage (this is powerful for a tablet)

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • Samsung Partnered with Google so they can fully offer the complete Galaxy Watch 4 experience
  • Strava integration for hiking and biking experience
  • Customizable – Change it up to fit your style and mood that day
  • Colors and patterns
  • Samsung wallet

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